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stolen from gen 8 Natdex Bazaar/art by Zephyri
Welcome to the National Dex OU Team Bazaar for Gen 9! The idea behind this is to share cool teams that you have in a more casual environment than a formal RMT and to allow others to have teams to use during this metagame!

1. Please provide an importable of the team and give a brief but thorough description of the team.
2. This is also THE PLACE for sample team submissions. If you are doing so, please provide a good description of the team and make sure to mention that the team is being submitted explicitly for sample team consideration.

3. This is not a place to get your teams rated, if you need advice on your team consider going to our discord, the room, or the RMT subforum.
4. Additionally, try to avoid rating other peoples teams in this thread; its meant for sharing teams, not rating them.

Pretty simple. Happy sharing!


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first post! anyways
:ss/tapu-koko: :ss/garchomp-mega: :ss/regieleki: :ss/serperior:
tapu koko is the basic screens setter, and can allow things like mchomp, iron valiant, and flutter mane to sweep with lessened damage to them
mchomp is the ground of the team, being able to throw off strong stabs at +2 in earthquake and scale shot
regieleki is the speed control, using the new tera mechanic to throw off ice type tera blasts and blast foes with rising voltage
serperior is the ground resist and rain check, being able to snowball due to contrary and can switch into grounds the eleki could struggle with
iron valiant is the sd sweeper with the intention to utilize electric terrain to give it a +1 speed boost, and can rip through teams at +2 with spirit break/cc/zen
flutter mane is there for a spammable ghost-type attack who is also fast, and gets a +1 speed boost due to booster energy

:sv/palafin: :ss/blaziken-mega: :ss/deoxys-speed: :sv/flutter-mane: :sv/iron-treads: :ss/genesect:
am very tired; will finish explanation tmmrw
NOTE: gene is a free slot; change it as you wish

edit: these are not sample subs no more, flutter mane most def getting banned lol
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Screenshot 2022-11-18 170112.png

:ss/tornadus-therian: :sv/clodsire: :ss/chansey: :ss/toxapex: :ss/ditto: :ss/shedinja:

this is NOT a SAMPLE SUBMISSION; as i would NOT like to introduce stall in this generation to new players!
tornadus therian is the basic fast ground immune, and can allow things like toxapex, clodsire, and chansey to wall more effectively with switching into ground moves, revenge killing and regenerator
chansey is the special wall of the team, being able to throw off cleric support at good hp in heal bell and stay alive with soft boiled
ditto is the speed control, using the new tera mechanic and broken pokemon against hos to throw off fast powerful attacks and threaten to sweep by capitalising on their own boosted pokemon
toxapex is the water resist and rain check, being able to wall the weasel due to its good typing and can switch into water and ice types the shed could struggle with
clodsire is the rocks setter with the intention to utilize unaware to give it opportunites, and can wall teams of setup sweepers with decent yping and good mixed bulk
shed is there for a broken ghost-type attack who is also immune to the entire tier, and gets a free turn due to protect

:ss/tornadus-therian: :ss/magearna: :ss/shedinja: :ss/chansey: :ss/toxapex: :ss/ditto:
this is also not a SAMPLE SUBMISSION
same team but better, magearna spikes actually let u make progress bc clod is not that important with shed and ditto neutering setup sweepers
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To follow my previous post on the tier, I decided to do a little team dump. I didn't builded that much, only 5 teams so far, but I believe they are good. I'll mention the one that could be sample teams, if they are still usable by the time the meta gets cleaned up. I used all of them to make the peak i made earlier today.
1/ Rain
really simple to use, as Iron Bundle and Palafin are just broken. I think this will be even better thanks to the departure of Shedinja earlier. Koko is an interesting pick, some could say Thunder is better but I like tbolt here for the sake of not missing if you manage poorly your rain setter. Taunt is also a good option over roost. Iron Bundle could be a plus speed variant but being able to nuke the blobs under the terrain makes it just way too good the way it is rn. This can def be an early sample team
+1 252+ SpA Choice Specs Delibird Hydro Pump vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Blissey in Rain: 329-388 (46 - 54.3%) -- 53.1% chance to 2HKO
+1 252+ SpA Choice Specs Delibird Hydro Pump vs. 248 HP / 8 SpD Eviolite Chansey in Rain: 272-321 (38.6 - 45.6%) -- guaranteed 3HKO (you'll need some hazards on that one but that's p easy to get)

2/Screen HO
Diancie is a great lead for HO rn, as deoxys cannot really deal w it. It also does massive damages to more balanced stuff. Team relies a lot on offensive pressure, so it doesn't cover that well a lot of threats, including flutter mane (which can be dealed w by outplaying but still). So I wouldn't recommand it as a sample team. I decided to use Spirit Break on grimm, so that it becomes less passive. Rona is an odd pick but actually won me so many games, especially against sand where it shine under screen by owning half if not the entirety of the opponent squad.

3/Another HO but there's Scizor-Mega
Prob the weirdest build i came up with, it's not that good objectively but I have a good winrate with it so i'm sharing it. Flying Roaring Moon is actually very good, I had the idea while using Hawlucha w Terastallization and noticing how strong acrobatics is with it. Sub helps a lot to own basically a lot of team, I think it's the best set (bar acrobatic, you can prob go for Crunch + Tera Steel, but sub in general is very good). You match up p well against other offenses, as you have a lot of priority move. Don't think this should be a sample tho.
4/ Sand
Ik it's litteraly a gen8 sand w Gholdengo slapped somewhere and that it doesnt feature Houndstone but well I also have a really good winrate with this. It's the first team I made and I made a first peak at 1450 10 hours or less after the game was implemented. I like Gholdengo, being able to abuse most foggers as a fodder once you trick something is really good. And teela is a good check to a lot of stuff in the meta atm. I don't know if it's the best structure, but it had good results so far. Clef is like this because Roaring Moon, and also to bait Chien-Pao. This could def be a sample after some rework.
5/ Bulky Spike Offense
astralydia mentionned the iron hands/mag/ting-lu core as one of the best core, so I decided to give it a try, and it worked really well so far. Whirlwind + stack is really good to play, esp in such offensive metagame. I didnt mentionned it in my post earlier but I think looking at the current state of the meta dia is a really good anti-meta (if i cld say) pick. This could probably be a sample, as it's not that hard to use.
Here a few of my most successful teams while testing out the new meta
Terrain BO

Electric Terrain themed team abusing the new tera regieleki. Gastro is there for rocks and a check to palafin. Mega scizor is just a blanket check to a lot bp weak offensive mons right now. Blissey is to for special hits on the team. Kyurem is just a devastating sweeper that can be used to break for leki or even sweep itself. If you want a ground immune and a stronger fighting resist you can use definitely use lando but that just makes you weaker against rain.
Hail Offense
Deoxys is your standard lead sets up hazards and could potentially ghost tera to block spin. You have gholdengo to block defog, rapin spin, and status it abuses any slow build out there with it's nice ghost steel typing. You have ninetails to provide screens and hail for the two main stars. Kyurem-black becomes supers bulky with screens up and a 1.5 boost to it's defence and the same goes for chien pao. Blaziken-mega is there just to kill the steels for the ice sweepers and overall weaken the opponent's team.

Torkal is there for obvious sun. This team is very offensive, cyclizar is there to pivot once on fluttermane and revenge with iron tail. Sub pass enables any of your many sun themed sweepers. Very braindead offense just be very careful of opposing primals receiving a boost against you.


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:bw/tornadus-therian: :sv/great-tusk: :sv/chien-pao: :sv/magearna: :sv/skeledirge: :sm/scizor-mega:

Have found my best success so far with this squad, also hadn't seen much balance so figured I'd try my hand at it. (tera ground mage is for eleki as of 12/14 but tera getting sus'd so may be subject to change)

Torn-T is here to serve as a primary spikes abuser, cleaner, and breaker for Great Tusk & Chien-Pao.

Great Tusk is a complete menace with a nigh unwallable STAB combination as well as compacting Stealth Rocks + Rapid Spin utility. Steel Tera-Type allows you to avoid revenge killing attempts from the omnipresent Flutter Mane (as of writing) and other Fairy/Psychic types.

The switch-in to Chien-Pao challenge is very difficult. Main speed control with 405 speed + Ice Shard, and additionally abuses Volt Switches from Magearna.

This mon is criminally underrated at the moment. Unaware in conjunction with solid natural defenses, Slack Off, as well as the formiddable Wisp + Hex combination allow Skeledirge to serve as a potent tank. Also should add Ground Tera-Type allows you to bait Kyurem-Black into using Fusion Bolt so you can break Substitute and potentially get a Wisp off, but feel free to change that as the meta develops.

Mega Scizor is always solid glue to round out a team, with SD + Bullet Punch always threatening to sweep teams. Mega Scizor is perhaps the most consistent Flutter Mane check currently, as well as checking Chien-Pao. Spread is mixed, not entirely sure what to use atm so feel free to alter that.

Will mention this as a potential sample, since aside from Chien-Pao none of the aforementioned mons should get banned anytime soon
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Banned deucer.
The Future is now - Paradox Spam Offense

:sv/Tapu Koko: :sv/Iron Bundle: :sv/Iron Valiant: :sv/Iron Treads: :sv/Iron Jugulis: :sv/Garchomp-Mega:

Another E-Terrain Team, but this team uses 4 Future Paradox Formes to wreck havoc on the NDOU meta.

:Tapu Koko: - Terrain Setter. Taunt over Roost to shut down fatter stuff like Clefable, Ferrothorn

:Iron Bundle: - Ash-Greninja on Steroids. Special Wallbreaker who gets a free Choice Scarf in E-Terrain. Ice Beam provides power vs Ferrothorn and Flip Turn maintains momentum

:Iron Valiant: - Mega Medicham on Steroids. Physical Wallbreaker who complements Iron Bundle very well. Z-Psychic breaks Poison types like Clodsire, Toxapex, Slowking-Galar. The EV spread ensures that it gets an Attack boost over Speed in Electric Terrain (needed to break the aforementioned Poison types)

:Iron Treads: - It is the glue of the team, provides slow Volt Switch, Knock Off and Rapid Spin, and checks stuff like Clefable, Lele (pray for Focus Miss :p), Koko, and other things that a Ground/Steel type checks. Given EV spread ensures an Attack boost over Defense to reduce passivity.

:Iron Jugulis: - It is the speed control option of the team that outspeeds everything in Terrain including other Paradox formes, as well as weather sweepers. Has good late-game cleaning potential with good STABs like Dark Pulse, Air Slash (replaceable by Hurricane), provides fast pivoting, and can surprise Fairy types with Flash Cannon (can Tera into Steel to beat Fairies). It has a great defensive type too that resists Ghost, Grass and Dark, and is immune to Ground and Psychic.

:Garchomp-Mega: - It is the mega of choice, as it sets Stealth Rock, checks Heatran, and can lure and weaken Pokemon like Tangrowth, Slowbro, Corviknight, Gliscor for Iron Valiant.

An interesting alternative that could be tried is Scarf Bundle and Specs Juglis. Scarf Bundle is faster, while Juglis is strong enough to use Specs.
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These stall teams were stolen from the SV OU team bazaar and edited for usage in nat dex. The original descriptions are a lot better so I'd suggest you look at them. I'll only be listing the changes I made to the teams.

:avalugg: :chansey: :corviknight: :quagsire: :ditto: :toxapex: (Original team by innisfree )

Changed blissey to chansey, gave chansey wish over shadow ball.
Gave pex knock and scald over toxic and haze

Note: These changes are mostly personal preference. Rocks on chansey over wish opens up other options for quag and pex (e.g. quag can run scald and pex can run toxic)

:clodsire: :chansey: :skeledirge: :umbreon: :iron-treads: :slowbro: (Original team by Estarossa )

Changed blissey to chansey, gave chansey wish over ice beam.
Gave slowbro scald over surf and umbreon toxic over wish

Once again, wish on chansey can be replaced for rocks to free up other slots.
dropping some teams i've played w/ on ladder, most are vv flawed because i've only been playing for a day but i've also been building so much it's insane.

early stuff (i built these like i would a ndou team, oblivious to the regielekis and the mblazikens flying around) (i kept updating this one and it's more usable albiet still flawed)

somewhat recenter stuff (these are still experimental as hell but i'm mildly more confident in these)
:pelipper: :kilowattrel: :ferrothorn: :swampert-mega: :iron-bundle: :tapu-koko:

Since first rain in the bazaar is now illegal, I'd like to share another rain team.

Pelipper and ferrothorn form the classic rain core. Mega swampert is the primary speed control. Kilowattrel provides another electric immunity and abuses thunder and hurricane. Tapu koko further abuses thunder and sets electric terrain for iron bundle to kill stuff. Iron bundle has over 700 special attack under electric terrain.

Kilowattrel can be replaced with zapdos. Zapdos has better bulk and special attack, but less speed and no eletric immunity.

If Iron Bundle doesn't get banned then this could be a sample.


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Zamazenta-Crowned Hazard Stack
:sv/zamazenta-crowned: :sv/clodsire: :sv/tyranitar: :sv/tornadus-therian: :sv/iron-bundle: :sv/diancie-mega:
Zamazenta is the main Pokemon that you want to be using here, with Spikes support from Clodsire, Iron Bundle being able to get rid of Pokemon that would sit on or check Zamazenta, such as Clodsire and Skeledirge, and Tyranitar improves our Chi-Yu matchup while still being a nice Gholdengo deterrent. Tornadus-Therian is the Defogger, feel free to slot anything in its fourth moveslot, and Mega Diancie is the rocker, while also being able to give us a nice match up with hazard setters.

CB Zamazenta + Iron Bundle Balance
:sv/zamazenta: :sv/clodsire: :sv/iron-bundle: :sv/tornadus-therian: :sv/magearna: :sv/tyranitar:
Choice Band Zamazenta combined with Iron Bundle is a devastating core, being capable of destroying frail offense. Spikes support from Magearna improves our Chien-Pao matchup a little bit more, and Clodsire is there for Stealth Rock, and Tornadus-Therian is here for Defog, and yet again, there is an AV Tyranitar for out Chi-Yu matchup.

BundLop Balance
:sv/iron-bundle: :sv/lopunny-mega: :sv/clodsire: :sv/tornadus-therian: :sv/gholdengo: :sv/magearna:
BundLop is a nice core I crafted, being able to crumble frail offense while pivoting around. We have the standard Clodsire, Tornadus-T, and Magearna paring that I like to use, and Gholdengo is here for Defog deterring while being able to cripple Pokemon with Trick, ensuring that the BundLop core can function efficiently.

These are three teams that I am proud of building, they all look very similar but hey, they work!
:tyranitar-mega: :landorus-therian: :kartana: :iron-valiant: :toxapex: :zapdos:
fight z iron valiant + ttar mega
why yes, i did just steal 2020 idm boomer's team who stole tf's team from SS natdex and slap iron valiant in place of tapu lele :woop: obviously this is a lazy ripoff but it's not been so bad tbh
UPDATE: sd + norm z kart + booster energy/scarf valiant is better

:diancie-mega: :quaquaval: :chien-pao: :magearna: :cyclizar: :dragonite:
mdiancie + fly z quaquaval + band chien-pao
im just trying to have some fun with flyinium z quaquaval really
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:Heatran: :Weavile: :Garchomp: :Gastrodon-East: :Scizor-Mega: :Zapdos:

Remember Grassium Heatran? Yeah well imagine now if that didn't take up your Z-Move slot, it can use it multiple times, and it gets STAB on its Grass Move, while becoming a Grass Type with Flash Fire.

Well why imagine? Just abuse Terrastalization and make your dreams of Broken Heatran a reality!

(Still have not decided between Z-Stone Edge or Z-Outrage or Garchomp, but other than that, this team has been quite succesful for me recently.)
been messing around with hail snow for a bit

:ninetales-alola: :arctozolt: :scizor-mega: :cetitan: :slowking: :iron treads:

alolatales and zolt are p standard, not much to say about them. zolt's spread lets it outrun timid pult in snow. something the chilly birb enjoys tho is the new def boost to ice types in snow, which lets it do stuff like this:

0 Atk Technician Scizor-Mega Bullet Punch vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Arctozolt in Hail: 67-81 (20.8 - 25.2%) -- possible 5HKO after Leftovers recovery

this means unboosted/uninvested msciz now has a minimal chance to break sub, letting you win the 1v1 more easily. another example:

252 Atk Landorus-Therian U-turn vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Arctozolt in Hail: 61-72 (19 - 22.4%) -- possible 6HKO after Leftovers recovery

scarf lando can't just click u-turn and break sub safely, it has to eq and die.

now for the interesting part, cetitan. thing kinda destroys everything after a belly drum. seriously.

+6 252+ Atk Cetitan Ice Spinner vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Corviknight: 363-427 (90.7 - 106.7%) -- 43.8% chance to OHKO (and that's if corvi's completely physdef invested)

+6 252+ Atk Cetitan Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Toxapex: 462-544 (151.9 - 178.9%) -- guaranteed OHKO

+6 252+ Atk Cetitan Earthquake vs. 248 HP / 16+ Def Scizor-Mega: 290-342 (84.5 - 99.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO while 0 Atk Technician Scizor-Mega Bullet Punch vs. 32 HP / 0 Def Cetitan in Hail: 176-210 (35.9 - 42.9%) -- guaranteed 3HKO

+6 252+ Atk Cetitan Ice Spinner vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Kyurem in Hail: 378-445 (96.6 - 113.8%) -- 81.3% chance to OHKO (a fatter variant can take a hit but you need fmiss to ko)

+6 252+ Atk Cetitan Earthquake vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Slowbro: 292-344 (74.3 - 87.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO (and you have to fish for scald burns). meanwhile if it tera grounds: +6 252+ Atk Cetitan Earthquake vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Slowbro: 438-516 (111.4 - 131.2%) -- guaranteed OHKO

+6 252+ Atk Cetitan Ice Spinner vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Ferrothorn: 309-364 (87.7 - 103.4%) -- 25% chance to OHKO, and anyway imagine using physdef ferro

+6 252+ Atk Cetitan Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Melmetal: 634-748 (133.7 - 157.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO

it also gets ice shard to not be hopeless against revenge killers outside of hail. and with its insane hp and hail def boost it's stupid bulky, giving it actually quite some setup opportunities. the ev spread lets it outrun scarf base 95s, most notably lele which is ice shard-immune. tera ground lets it beat its would-be counter in skeledirge:

+6 252+ Atk Cetitan Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Unaware Skeledirge: 236-278 (57.2 - 67.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

this also lets you get it out of they way for a potential msciz sweep.

anyway, slowking is a nice fire move absorber and gets chilly reception to both set weather up and keep momentum going with its slow speed. tera fairy is for random dark moves such as chiyu's. treads is kind of a glue mon, acting as hazard control and providing utility and momentum. the spread lets it take two specs pult shadow balls after rocks, though you can also go tera dark if you're desperate. and finally scizor can be a good cleaner that also blankets quite some mons. spread lets it outrun modest zone and cc it to death.

weaknesses: sun, zard y, chiyu, great tusk. webs are also kind of a problem as the slush rushers need all the speed they want. i've once lost to a team with webs/mega gallade/balloon dengo where either i knock gallade and are incredibly screwed or i earthquake balloon dengo like a dummy.
:pelipper: :swampert-mega: :ferrothorn: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :tapu-koko: :iron-jugulis:

Now that my boy bundle has been banned. I introduce you Jugulis rain. Rain allows Jugulis to have 100% accurate hurricanes and boosted hydro pumps which 2hkos would be counters like magearna, Paired with tapu koko it gains a 1.5 speed boost which is why they have been chosen. The rest of the team is just standard rain team. urshifu also pairs extremely well with iron jugulis. This team is super easy to play and could potentially be a sample
:Tapu Koko: :Iron Hands: :Heatran: :Scizor-Mega: :Landorus-Therian: :Tapu Fini:

Back with another team that sort of plays off the Koko + Future Paradox Squads that have been making their rounds.
I like the idea, but ultimately I feel those kinds of teams make themselves TOO reliant on Koko to supply their offensive presence, so I decided I'd try my own hand at this kind of Team. I thought Iron Hands was a Great Pick as a Quark Drive Abuser due to its incredible confluence of Bulk, Staying Power, Offensive Typing, and Sheer Power.
Iron Hands has been EV'd fairly efficiently, living a Max Special Attack Mega Diancie Moonblast, while Outspeeding Uninvested Blissey, with the rest dumped into Attack to ensure it hits as hard as possible.
I did I wish I could use Rotom Wash as my Bulky Water to avoid overwriting Terrain, but I believe the Insurance against Chien-Pao, Weavile, Greninja, and Chi-Yu is more beneficial for this team in the long run.
Iron Hands absolutely SMASHES through Fatter Teams, and I implore you all to at least give this guy a try, they've flown under the radar a bit, but I can promise you they won't dissapoint.
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Trick room babey
Have had surprisingly good results with this.
:sv/Hatterene: :sv/Cresselia: :sv/Melmetal: :sv/Camerupt-Mega: :sv/Magearna: :sv/Kingambit:

:Hatterene: - The classic TR suicide lead. Immune to taunt, hard to set up hazards on you, can safely pivot w/ healing wish, and hits pretty hard. Almost always sets up TR immediately, pretty much only multi hit moves can stop it, but even then it can tank most of them with max hp. (Urshifu R surging strikes doesn't even OHKO unless it's adamant, banded, or immediately teras water)

:Cresselia: - Second dedicated setter, use them later in the game. Mental herb stops the fist taunt, which is enough to set up, and is bulky enough to live most hits. Attacks are so it isn't entirely passive, you could replace one of them with magic coat, or change them for different coverage. (bolt/beam is an option, but melmetal and magearna already have that here and do it much better)

:Melmetal: - The main reason to use this strat. With iron fist + punching glove double iron bash has almost 80 bp per hit + stab boost, and a high chance to flinch. Also this teams primary user of terastallizing, to hit even harder (. Has great coverage from lightning/ice punches and either earthquake or superpower. And with healing wish/lunar dance, you get to try and sweep with it multiple times.

:Camerupt-Mega: - Feels like it should be a gimmick, but actually works. Sheer force fire blasts from a mon with 145 base sp. atk. do a ton. Flash cannon is just about the only coverage option it gets. Sub for when people try to make you guess and stall out TR with switches. Overall, if you want to swap out a mon on this team, this is probably the one to go with, but it still pulls it's weight.

Torkoal with specs and eruption is also an option I've used in this slot. Kills practically everthing, but I hate being choice locked on this team. IMO trick room is hyper offense, and should be played like it.

:Magearna: - Can set trick room for itself, then uses z fluer cannon, gets a soul hear boost, hits things with bolt beam, then uses a boosted fluer cannon. 2nd best abuser here after melm. Not a ton to say here.

:Kingambit: - Can be a solid trick room user, or can come out after all of the setters are dead to throw out supreme overlord boosted sucker punches to close out the game. If you don't end up using your tera on melmetal, use it on kingambit for better defenses


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ok guys trust me i am good at this tier these teams r all broken

:ting-lu: :buzzwole: :magearna: :tornadus-therian: :lopunny-mega: :chien-pao:

ting lu is the goat u set spikes u knock shit then u tera and u win with cpao

:iron-moth: :tapu-koko: :great-tusk: :tornadus-therian: :magearna: :lopunny-mega:

moth is super cool ngl tbh as a breaker, soft check to mage n stuff, u can run agility > turn if u wanna clean, and can try discharge > eball if u wanna bop pex but i think eball is better. madness koko is fire u don't need other moves just madness n turn on shit, anyways set hazards hit stuff then win simple, ty to chris for giving me the outline for this asw

:dragapult: :rotom-wash: :tyranitar-mega: :tornadus-therian: :magearna: :great-tusk:

by far one of my fav teams, mtar is rlly cool u suit torn u suit pult, great tusk is super fun and rlly hard to switch into, av lets it function as a solid check to stuff like eleki and lets u lure in torn to ko, same gameplan as others tbh, set spikes have fun

:annihilape: :iron-moth: :landorus-therian: :magearna: :rotom-wash: :tornadus-therian:

ngl idk if this mon is broke or not since i suck balls at using him, however i do find him incredibly funny to use, this team cld probably also be edited slightly since I'm still learning how this mon plays

:pelipper: :barraskewda: :swampert-mega: :regieleki: :magearna: :tornadus-therian:

rain, and specifically this rain with these teras is the single most broken team in the entire tier, unironically, u can play garbage to an extent but if u tera the right mon in the right matchup (barra or eleki) u autowin. in gastro / toad (lol) matchups u tera eleki u win the game after that since u lure and terablast grass them, in non gastro/toad matchups u tera barra and 2hko the entire team (because it does that). the only matchup where it isn't this straight forward is very well built stalls with stuff like boots physdef pex, ting lu, chans, tera water skeledridge..... u know who u are @ chris p bacon... however in those matchups u click knockoff and turn with torn and then set spikes to infinity and u will win after some time

:kingambit: :iron-hands: :toedscruel:/ :garchomp: :tapu-fini: :heatran: :tornadus-therian: mushroom version chomp version

gambit is a super fun and i feel a bit overlooked mon rn, rlly cool how it functions and how u play n build around it. iron hands is another cool self sufficient mon in the tier while also shoring up cpao mu, and all of these mons function well to support a gambit end game most of the time. toed is an interesting pick as a bulky spd ground that helps w pult, and i also considered spd chomp too,i think both r cool n they both got broken spikes.

:zamazenta: :weavile: :tornadus-therian: :dragapult: :landorus-therian: :magearna:

zama is broke just hella underlooked rn, tera fight 2hkoes a ton of resists in the tier, and the few remaining either suck or are bopped by coverage. very much enjoys spikes, and vile is a super duper overhated mon Rn for sure, since u koff such important things for a lot of mons, and it rlly isnt that much weaker, also pressures torn n the like which is nice. spd lando is some pult help

:iron-treads: :dragapult: :tornadus-therian: :diancie-mega: :buzzwole: :rotom-wash:

my latest team and the one I'm enjoying the most rn alongside the tar one, av iron treads is a super cool pick in the meta and knocks everything, and the biggest part is that it spins on mage easily. swole makes up for the fact I'm not using physdef mage, mdia also rlly cool since its a rocker that bops torn easily, n rest of team is relatively straightforward.

as u can tell, mage and torn r rlly rlly good in this tier, and by far s tier mons. I'm surprised ngl that i liked building in this tier as much as i did, and there's a lot of creativity (lol) once u look past how good mage and torn are and try diff mons with diff structures. i still think tera is insanely uncompetitive and outright broken, see: rain, so pls ban that so i, and every1 else can have more fun building in this tier

also all of these r sample subs yeye they r all kinda cool

e: fixed links idk why they brpoke
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these are sample subs

Heroes and Villains - HO
:iron-valiant: :ting-lu: :volcarona: :great-tusk: :gholdengo: :dragonite:
best team oat
you set up hazards with your red card ting lu and you have very good wincons to your disposal
peaked top 5 and 10 with it; i would recommend using this the most

most recent one


this was like a week and a half after the meta was started
ik my gxe looks mad small; thats what happens when you dont use a testing alt!

Mega Medicham Spikes
:medicham-mega: :magearna: :weavile: :clodsire: :tornadus-therian: :iron-moth:
spikes and mmedi is a godly combo
weav is a surprising but good pick here due to knock spam

Urshifu Spikes
:urshifu: :magearna: :tornadus-therian: :ting-lu: :kyurem: :gholdengo:
wheres your reliable switch in to punching glove shifu when boosted
spikes increases that struggle and has some cool mons like kyurem to beat waters and gholden for how it can beat mage and lele

Ting-Lu + Ditto Hazard Stack
:ting-lu: :ditto: :chien-pao: :venusaur-mega: :skeledirge: :rotom-wash:
ting + ditto is a very funny hstack core
chien is there due to how it has no counters when spikes and rocks are up, and mvenu/skeld/washtom are there for a neat fire/water/grass core with tom providing momentum and ground immunity as a plus

:lopunny-mega: :tapu-koko: :iron-treads: :ting-lu: :kyurem: :tornadus-therian:
lopkoko epic core for momentum
treads and torn are neat hazard control mons and kyurem is a very nice water resist for this team

Moltres-G Balance
:moltres-galar: :magearna: :gastrodon: :lopunny-mega: :kartana: :iron-moth:
okay team
made it as a joke when i was on vc with some friends

Polteageist HO
:polteageist: :grimmsnarl: :tapu-lele: :gholdengo: :tornadus-therian: :cyclizar:
goes extremely hard as a team but idt is sample sub worthy due to poltea being here
tera fighting with the teapot is very nutty to switch into; especially with cyclizar support

:pelipper: :swampert-mega: :ferrothorn: :chien-pao: :zapdos: :gholdengo:
okay rain team
zap is cool here for hazard control and pert and chien is a very nice core

that is all i have to post here, good day
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